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Investing in stocks is hard work

One of the frustrations of managing money is the need to review investments ever so often. Several clients ask me “Can’t I just invest in some good stocks and forget about it?” They are, no doubt, driven partly by the anecdotes of folks who bought a super-stock...

Should I stay or should I go?

S. S. is trying to make up her mind. She has a high-risk, illiquid investment that worries her. There is a small window of opportunity for her to sell this investment — at a profit, mind you. But that will mean giving up a potentially large upside down the road. The...

Are fixed deposits better than mutual funds that invest in bonds?

Client reduces tax bill from Rs 9 lakh to Rs 30,000. The short version: With bond funds: Taxes only on realised gainsIncome is largely principal, not gains: lower realised gains >>> lower taxInflation protection on realised gains: even lower tax The long...



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