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Investing in stocks is hard work

One of the frustrations of managing money is the need to review investments ever so often. Several clients ask me “Can’t I just invest in some good stocks and forget about it?” They are, no doubt, driven partly by the anecdotes of folks who bought a super-stock...

Should I stay or should I go?

S. S. is trying to make up her mind. She has a high-risk, illiquid investment that worries her. There is a small window of opportunity for her to sell this investment — at a profit, mind you. But that will mean giving up a potentially large upside down the road. The...

Are fixed deposits better than mutual funds that invest in bonds?

Client reduces tax bill from Rs 9 lakh to Rs 30,000. The short version: With bond funds: Taxes only on realised gainsIncome is largely principal, not gains: lower realised gains >>> lower taxInflation protection on realised gains: even lower tax The long...

How To Plan For Your Children’s Education

Most parents fret about their children. Some make plans for their children’s education from the moment they are born. Hear our views on How To Set Aside Money For Your Child’s Future Needs.

Should You Buy Your Dream House, or Continue Renting?

Everyone wants to own a home. For many people, it’s the first big financial decision they make as young adults. We help you find your way around this minefiled.



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